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Our Culinary Story

My love of food started from watching my father cook for our family. He loved to be in the kitchen and that passion was definitely something I inherited from him. I knew I needed to absorb as much as I could from as many top chefs as I could do my journey began in India back in 2003. I travelled from India to Singapore to Malaysia spending many hours in the kitchens of Master Chefs. I was captivated by the colours, aromas and flavours. I was amazed by what each individual chef could do with simple ingredients and spices. I knew from a very young age my journey would be in this flavoursome world of food and very quickly I was on my way to the UK.


I came to Scotland in 2010 and worked in a wedding venue in the outskirts of Edinburgh. I spent many years here doing continental, Indian restaurant dining and also wedding banquets. It was here I met my wife Jas and we connected in a working relationship right away. I managed the kitchens, she managed the front of house. We were a fantastic team and worked there for 8 years. We both knew the end result was going to be an Indian restaurant in Glasgow where she was born and brought up. 


The plans for SWADISH Modern Indian Cuisine was set in motion. I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t nervous. I was. My wife and I had many sleepless nights from when we got the keys to the building, throughout the refurb, to opening day. We had put in all we had. Financially, emotionally, mentally and physically. We were ready. On the 28th of May 2019 we opened our doors.


We are deeply grateful for the journey that you all joined us on. From when we opened, to lockdown, to the dine at home meals, to our cooking videos. 


The years have brought us many incredible moments. Scottish Curry Champion. Chef of the Year, Scotland’s Best Indian Restaurant and most recently Best Fine Dining Restaurant of the Year and the Best Chef - Indian Cuisine, but it’s not even close to over. We have so much more to give. 


Thank you to our customers who dine with us. Thank you to our amazing team who work with us. 


The best is yet to come.

Dine With Us

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